Minecraft Mini Figure Blind Box – Dungeon Series

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Dig into the world of Minecraft like never before! Inside each single blind pack is a unique Minecraft Mini Figure just waiting to be discovered; you won’t know which character awaits until you open the block! These game-authentic Mini Figures allow kids to collect and play with their favorite characters anywhere. Watch for new series with different themes throughout the year. Will you open the package to find the elusive, exclusive Chase Mini Figure? Find out! Start exploring the world of Minecraft Mini Figures and craft the perfect collection. The included flyer allows you to keep track of which characters you have and which ones you still need to complete each series! Be the first of your friends to collect them all! Includes one Mini Figure.
Dungeon Series, Wave 20 includes the following characters (Enchanter, Arch Illager, Valorie, Redstone Golem, Piggy Bank, Illager Royal Guard, Skeleton Necromancer, Hex, Adriene, Key Golems, Skeleton Vanguard, Hal, Cauldron)

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