Lol Surprise Omg Fashion Doll – Alt Grrrl

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Unbox L. O. L. Surprise! O. M. G. Fashion doll with 20 surprises. They have stunning features, beautiful hair, and their own fabulous style. They’re the big sisters to fan favorite L. O. L. Surprise characters, and she comes with a totally unique unboxing experience. Slide packaging apart to reveal doll’s picture, Bio, and the first set of surprises. Keep unboxing to reveal the dressing room, where the OMG fashion doll is hanging out, ready to get dressed in her fierce fashions. The dressing room even becomes a reusable playset for her to strut her stuff.
Alt Grrrl is the big sister to fan favorite L.O.L. Surprise! character, Grunge Grrrl.
Dress Alt Grrrl in her fierce fashions and fabulous accessories. Unbox 20 Surprises
Pull on the arrow to slide open package and reveal Alt Grrrl’s picture. Slide more to reveal her surprises.
Unbox to Reveal Closet
Learn about Alt Grrrl and unbox her closet.
When they say calm down, I amp it up.
When they say fit in, I stand out.
When they say zig, I zag.
Unbox Fashions and Accessories
Unbox reusable garment bags, hat box and shoebox with fashions and accessories inside.
Unbox Surprises
Unbox surprises in a fun unboxing experience! Unbox fashions in the garment bags, shoes in the shoe box and accessories in the hat box. Unbox Alt Grrrl in Her Dressing Room
She?s ready to be dressed in her fierce fashions.
Strike a Pose
Includes doll stand so she can show off her style.
Reusable Closet and Dressing Room Playset
Package becomes reusable closet and dressing room playset for her to strut her stuff. Peel the plastic film to reveal her dressing room mirror.
And more!
Includes 20 surprises, with L.O.L. Surprise! O.M.G. fashion doll, fierce fashions, shoes, shoebox, accessories, hat box, purse, hair brush, doll stand and package that becomes a playset.

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