Littlest Pet Shop Collectors 5 Pack – Beach Besties

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Collect a new generation of bobblin’ head pets with over 65 exciting new friends in series 1. Panda, cat, axolotl, anteater and so many more are eager to become your new besties!

Discover the must-have crew, their unique purrsonalities, breeds, and rarity levels. Littlest Pet Shop welcomes fans to unleash their imagination and create a pet world of their very own.

Join the Littlest Pet Shop virtual experience! Use the code on the coin to unlock exclusive pets, unveil surprises, and embark on a next-gen adventure like never before! Each LPS Collector Set includes: 5 unique bobblin’ head pets, 7 cute accessories, 1 collector card, 1 virtual code , and 1 collector’s guide.
Collector Set offers 2 unique themes (Farm Besties and Beach Besties). Meet Rooster (#58) and his farm besties or go on a splashy adventure with Fish (#64) and his colorful friends. Bring both themes together, and let your imagination run wild as you create your unique pet crew.
LPS pets are 2” collectible figures with bobblin’ heads. Use the collector’s card to discover each adorable pet, its unique personality, breed, and rarity level.
Join our virtual play experience! With the code on your coin, you can unlock unique surprises, including virtual pets.
Littlest Pet Shop encourages community and imaginative play. Experience the joy of unboxing and discovering your new pet-friends. Collect them all, share, and trade. Welcome to the world of LPS!

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