Jurassic World Imaginext Mega Stomp and Rumble Giga

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Kids can go on epic Jurassic World Dinosaur adventures with Imaginext Mega Stomp & Rumble Giga Dino from Fisher-Price. To bring all the stories of Jurassic World to life, children will have full control of this gigantic dinosaur with fierce light-up eyes, capable of impressive lunges and stomps, and whose roar is so loud that it makes her whole body tremble. Kids can move the dino forward to free her from the chain and watch her stomp and stomp as she chases after Owen. Dinosaur (40 cm high, 73 cm long) with light-up eyes controlled by children that roars, stomps, bites and destroys. Pull the handle or squeeze the tail to make the dino let out a powerful roar and vibrate. Twist the tail to see it lunge and move it forward to see it stomp while making realistic sounds Attach the chain to the dino’s legs or neck harness and watch her roar and stomp her feet as she smashes everything. It comes with an Owen figure and a movable chain. For children from 3 to 8 years old

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