Hot Wheels Monster Trucks 1.64 – Colour Reveal

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The Hot Wheels Monster Trucks Colour Reveal trucks pack awesome surprises! Inside each barrel drum is one 1:64 scale Hot Wheels Colour Shifters Monster Truck that’s covered in special Colour Reveal coating and a clip-on water tank. For the initial reveal, fill the drum with water and swirl the truck around in it until the water changes colour, then pull it out to reveal the Monster Truck and its deco! Want to change its appearance again, Fill the drum with ice cold water and dunk it in to watch the colours magically change! Change it back by dunking it in warm water! Use the clip-on water tank to spray oncoming Colour Shifters trucks with deco-changing water for an epic water battle. Kids will want the entire collection. Each sold separately, subject to availability. Colours and decorations may vary. Inside the Hot Wheels Monster Trucks Colour Reveal barrel drum is an awesome Monster Truck with a surprise deco just waiting to be discovered. Which truck is hiding inside Use the reusable barrel packaging as a dunk tank, fill it with water, and swirl the truck in it. Watch as the water changes colour and a new deco is revealed! More colour-changing surprises await when kids dunk their truck into icy cold water to magically reveal yet another deco and design instantly change it back with warm water. Repeat this over and over again to change between the 2 looks! Use the clip-on water tank to spray other Hot Wheels Monster Trucks Colour Shifters with temperature-appropriate water to change-up their decos, adding a sweet bonus water battle to the crashing and smashing fun! Different Monster Trucks are in different packages, and kids and collectors alike will want to collect them all for tons of colour-revealing and colour-shifting fun (each sold separately)!

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