Hot Wheels 1.64 – Car – Colour Reveal Cars 2 Pack – NEW DESIGNS

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The Hot Wheels Colour Reveal 2 Pack of vehicles is loaded with awesome surprises! Inside the barrel drum are two 1:64 scale Hot Wheels Colour Reveal cars covered in special Colour Reveal coating. For the initial reveal, fill the drum with water and swirl each car around in it until the water changes colour, the pull the car out — the sweet decos hiding underneath are exposed! Want to change its appearance again? Fill the drum with cold water and dunk each car in for yet another awesome transformation! Change it back by dunking it in warm water! Repeat this over and over again alternating between warm or cold water. It’s like having two cars in one! The barrel drum serves as a Hot Wheels dunk tank, and it’s also perfect for storage!

Hot Wheels: Colour Reveal Twin Pack – HBN63
Suitable For Ages 3 Years +
Colours & Decorations Vary
Scale: 1:64

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20 reviews for Hot Wheels 1.64 – Car – Colour Reveal Cars 2 Pack – NEW DESIGNS

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  1. Kahlia

    We haven’t used them yet as they are a Christmas gift but I have no doubt my son will love them

  2. Toni

    Awesome products my 3 year old son absolutely loves these so glad to find a 2 pack !

  3. Trinity Young

    My son saw these and got super excited, they’re currently put away until Christmas

  4. Lucinda Smail

    Great Santa sack gift.

  5. Michelle W.

    Such vibrant colours and excellent quality compared to other colour change cars we have! I was worried this would be very messy but the cover ‘paint’ comes off easily with very hot water in a bowl and a gentle shake. We used tongs to pick it up while extra hot. :)

  6. Melissa H.

    Perfect for my car loving 2yr old

  7. Anonymous

    Not used yet but can’t wait to try these out

  8. Kayla M.

    What a funky, totally addictive new way to Hot Wheels!

  9. Aleesha Best

    I gave these to my 4 and 2 year old and they had such fun!! Watching the paint come off to see what colours they got, and now weeks later they still pop them in and out of the freezer often to change their colour. They are amazing and i’m so happy they are still changing colour after so long!

  10. Gina

    So cool! My toddler loves these.

  11. Anonymous

    Looking forward to gifting these!

  12. Hannah

    Such a fun toy! We bought so many of these and Kylie (Thomas online) made sure not to send us double ups.. We so appreciate this!

  13. Michel Yeto

    we played with this in the shower to minimize the mess 😄 my son is amazed at the color changes

  14. Emma Alderwick

    Awesome product

  15. Kelly

    These are always a hit here, from the reveal to the colour change it can keep Jett entertained for awhile

  16. Anonymous

    My 4 year old loves the cars 🙂

  17. Anna Stanley

    I was a bit skeptical thinking these would just change once and that was it but they can go back and forward with different colour temp, Mr 6 is loving it, such a great buy and might get some more for my present cupboard!

  18. Anonymous

    Lots of fun for my 3 year old who is car mad and the hot wheels cars are always great quality

  19. Miranda Callaghan

    My son is in love!

  20. tiffany k.

    My son loves this. Saw it on the Facebook page (as the top product sold) and had to have it. Hours of fun.

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