Fly Wheels 2 Pack – Moto

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Fly Wheels! The Most Extreme Performance Ever! Fly Wheels are one of the fastest wheels around! Rip it up to 200 scale MPH! Hit the Stunt Ramp and jump them up to 30 feet in the air! Jump a car, a truck, a bus, even a real airplane! Each tire has a unique design and tread pattern for different performance on road or off road! Extreme speed, stunts and jumps, Fly Wheels are some of the hottest wheels around! How fast can you rip? How far can you jump? How high can you fly? Features:

Fly Wheels are replica wheels that look and race just like the wheels on a real vehicle!
With a simple pull of a ripcord, the Fly Wheel racers can zoom over 300 scale Mph!
The starter pack comes with: 1 Wheel and tire, 1 Rip cord and launcher.
Watch it jump over 25 feet in the air!

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