Classic Etch A Sketch

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Etch A Sketch (Classic)

It’s the one and only Etch A Sketch, the classic drawing toy that’s been challenging artists with its magic and mystery since 1960! Use the knobs to create anything your imagination dreams up, then give it a shake, shake, shake to erase and start all over again.

With its iconic red frame and white knobs, it’s easy to draw on the original magic screen. Use the left knob to draw lines left and right; the right knob to draw lines up and down; and both knobs to curve the lines or draw on an angle! Once you’ve mastered the basics of drawing with your Etch A Sketch, let the endless creativity begin. What will you draw?


The classic Etch A Sketch is now made with 86% recycled plastic – an environmentally-minded magic screen drawing toy for endless fun!
For over 60 years, adults and children alike have been expressing their creativity and imagination with the original Etch A Sketch magic screen
Draw, create, and shake to erase – the magic screen captivates children of all ages and offers endless creativity
No charging, cords, or internet required – the Etch A Sketch is a doodle board powered purely by your imagination! Draw again and again!
Keep kids entertained during road trips, flights, and more – this compact drawing toy makes an ideal birthday gift, for toddler toys, drawing tablets, drawing pads, and doodle boards!
For Ages 3 and Up!

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