Introducing Helles Teeth to Thomas Online

I have actually been a 3PL for Helles Teeth since 2020, and as the last few months have become even harder for businesses, I thought I’d help further by popping their products on my website so they have more eyes on these awesome products!

Helles Teeth is dedicated to bringing gum soothing goodness to babies around the world in a range of quirky themes and colours.

We believe that teething toys should be safe and have a low impact on the environment – as well as being awesome to look at! They should appeal to babies’ curious hands and aching gums, as well as parents quirky sense of taste.

Helles Teeth teething and sensory toys are designed right here in New Zealand and are safety tested/certified and produced in a responsible, fully certified factory approved by SGS/LFGB/FDA and EU.

Every Helles Teeth teething toy is designed to last through all teething stages from 3 months through til 3 years (and beyond), but some designs are more age-specific than others. Please remember that all babies develop at different stages, this is a guide only for your baby to get the most out of your purchase.

Young babies (3m+) – first teeth – design features for developing co-ordination, easy grip and textured surfaces for gumming

Teether One Large

Babies (6m+) – front teeth to eye teeth – design features for easy grip and textured surfaces for gumming and cutting teeth, reaches eye teeth

Teether Two Large

Toddlers (1 yr +) – front teeth to back molars – design features for co-ordinated grasp, thick/dense areas to withstand aggressive biting, protrusions to reach back molars.  Also suitable for older children with extra sensory needs.  (Please note: Jormungandr/Serpent toy cannot reach molars, but is our densest and most durable toy for older children)

Teether Three Large

Welcome to the range Helles Teeth! Thank you Tracey for your love and trust in your products.

If you are looking for a 3PL (3rd Party Logistics) please send me an email for further information. We’d love to see if we can help.

To visit the full range of Helles Teeth that we have, visit this link


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