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Thomas Online

Hi there!

I haven’t done one of these for a while, and we snapped a new family pic on Mothers Day, so thought Id use it to re-introduce ourselves!

I’m Kylie, Thomas Online is my baby and my full time job. I absolutely love what I do and where my little business has grown from and where its going. When you contact us, or hear from us, its me 👋.

There’s my hubby Darren. He has been my biggest supporter, always told me to keep going, even with my crazy dreams, as he knows that they always work out. As my business has grown he’s stepped in to help to pack my orders so I can (try to) keep up with everything else. He does this super early in the morning before he going to his real job. He’s doing an awesome job, and I appreciate everything he does for us!

There’s Thomas, he’s our Tommy. He is my reason I started my business. He’s the reason I bought the business name ‘Thomas Online’. Tommy was 1 when it all started. I used to work in his nap times and after he’d gone to sleep at night. He adored Sesame Street when he was little, and I couldn’t find Elmo anywhere, and this is where and how I started the expansion of Thomas Online. I’m hoping he will take over the family biz one day, no pressure though!

There’s Benny, my littlest love. He has grown up with Thomas Online. I did IVF, was pregnant with him, and then I worked around him growing up. Darren, Mum, Dad, Tommy and I were packing orders at 5am the day I went into labour with Benny, and I ‘wouldn’t’ go to hospital until I’d finished the courier labels. That was also the day I packed the most orders for my business, up until that date. He’s super helpful and loves putting the courier labels onto our parcels.

That’s a little snippet of us. Thank you for being here on this journey with us, whether you’ve just joined us, or been along for the ride! We love the support we have been shown over the years and here’s to many more! xx

Take care and happy shopping,
Kylie, Darren, Thomas and Ben
Thomas Online


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