Thomas Online Rebrand

EEEKKKK we are getting close!! The logo is ready to go, I saw the first draft of the new website yesterday, and it looks AMAZING!!!!

When I first bought Thomas Online nearly four years ago it was just selling Thomas and friends products, then as Tommy got older I found but it was hard to find other licensed brands including Elmo from Sesame Street! I could not find him in any shop – both in Bricks and Mortar stores and online. With my connections to the suppliers, I decided to expand my range to all the characters and brands especially the hard to find ones, but also the much-loved ones too! The difference with my store is that I also stock the full range of products rather than just the top sellers I also sell everything I can within that range including toys, books, party-ware, Manchester and more!

When my website and logo were made they represented the company that it was – selling Thomas and friends products. I always had the vision that my website and logo would change to represent the business that I could see and wanted for the future. it has taken me two years to find the right team to help me to achieve these goals and to share the dream with me and I am so excited that I have a logo that I love and that now represents my business and we’ll have a new website design that reflects what we’re all about too!

Keeping the name – I have spent hours, months, years thinking about the business name, Thomas Online, if it should stay or if it should go. I decided for it to STAY. The main reasons are that my firstborn is named Thomas (we call him Tommy) and I love that coincidence of the names being the same as I bought Thomas Online with this name. It makes me think of him, and how cool if one day he ran the company “Hi there, This is Thomas from Thomas Online” haha. The name also represents all the hard work that I have put into it over the years, rebuilding it from the ground up, working crazy hours, uploading thousands of products, having a 1 year old, then pregnant, then having a newborn, to the ages of both boys now and how I have worked around my family to where it is today. It truly means so much to me. A name is a name, and it’s the brand behind it that means something to the customers, and I know with my passion for my business name, brand and business that you guys will love it too!

I am so excited to share the new rebrand with you and I can’t wait for you to jump on this new part of the journey with me.


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